Sprint race

Pricelist and conditions of rental valid from 19.01.2023: 



Minimum number of karts required to create a reservation

Rental price for 30 minutes

(€35 per kart)

Rental price for 60 minutes

(€68 per kart)

January – December

At least 6 karts 



January – December 

At least 8 karts 



January – December

At least 9 karts



January – December

At least 10 karts




Reservations by telephone agreement




€198 for 6 karts 

As part of the price of rental, 6 karts are available (each extra kart + €32/33). The maximum number of karts is 10.


The organizer of Sprint Race is Kart One Arena based on a reservation.

You can reserve these races using the reservation form or on 0911 818 122 during the week in normal opening hours (you can find more information on free slots in our reservation calendar).

Who is it for?

The races are not time-consuming and are mainly designed for small groups of drivers (a minimum of 6 karts).

- 8 min qualification

Names of individual drivers recorded in the timing equipment. Qualification based on the fastest lap.

- After qualifying, the drivers will be ordered according to the results of the qualification (the track operator arranges the drivers without them leaving the karts)

- 20 min race

- The race starts with a rolling start behind the pace kart (track operator)

  • Results from SPRINT RACE provided in printed form

During the whole year we strongly recommend using gloves to drive, particularly in winter! You can buy them at the bar in various sizes or you can bring your own. We don’t rent gloves.

We also recommend dressing more warmly during winter.

It is forbidden to drive in flip-flop type footwear!


Now with every SPRINT RACE you get a set of medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) free!