Junior Kart Academy

39€ / 60 min

Junior Kart Academy is designed for children who have completed Kids Kart Academy and are aged 12 or over and for children who want to learn to drive and who are 15-18 years old.
Junior Kart Academy is open to children aged 15-18 years. (Children from 12-14 years can take part with the approval and consideration of the trainer)
The child’s parent or guardian must agree with the child’s participation.
The whole course takes place under the supervision of trained and professional instructors. Our experienced instructors will help the children both on and off the track. They will lead the children to keep getting better and will prepare them for the races.

Course days and times:

  • Mondays 17:00-18:00

NB: You can join the course any time. Even if you have missed some lessons you can catch up individually by agreement.


  • 16:45 – 17:00: arrival / registration
  • 17:00 – 18:00 (driving 30 minutes and theory)

Topics in the theoretical part

  • Safety rules - flags, driver's clothing, etc.
  • Physical preparation - condition
  • Basic information about go-karts
  • Turn-around, individual turns, difference, etc.
  • Braking, working with the brake
  • Accelerating, work with the accelerator
  • Ideal line
  • Overtaking
  • Rolling and Standing Starts / Race

Practical part

  • 15 minutes: drive I.
  • 5 minutes: break and discussion
  • 15 minutes: drive II.
  • If necessary the instructor drives too.

Obligatory clothes for driving:

  • long, comfortable trousers
  • T-shirt
  • trainers
  • head sock - can be bought at the track
  • helmet - can be rented at the track

Recommended clothes for driving:

  • gloves
  • rib protector - can be rented at the track
  • neck protector - can be rented at the track
  • elevated trainers with a smooth sole
  • overalls

It is necessary to register for the course by email at kartarena@kartarena.sk by telephone on +421 911 818 122 during opening hours or in the bar at the Kart One Arena. Please include in the email the child’s name, age, your email and contact phone number.