The operator is not liable for damages caused by non-observance of the safety and operating instructions.

In the event of an accident caused at your own fault, we will charge damages for damaged parts of karts or other equipment.

By entering the Kart One Arena or by purchasing a ticket, the visitor agrees and undertakes to follow these Safety and Operational Instructions:

  1. Every visitor uses this sporting facility at his own risk.
  2. A reckless style of driving can cause injury. Always brake in time.
  3. Select a speed so as not to endanger yourself or others. Failure to keep a safe distance between karts exposes you to liability for possible consequences.
  4. Do not drive too slowly, stop only in the case of emergency. In the case of an emergency stop or collision, do not get out of the kart but raise your hand to call for help from the staff.
  5. Observe the instructions of the staff and concentrate fully on the section of the track in front of you.
  6. While driving, it is forbidden to release the steering wheel or wave hands or feet.
  7. There is a strict prohibition of any contact with another kart when driving.
  8. Driving under the age of 15 is permitted only with the accompaniment and the consent of a parent or guardian.
  9. When driving, you must wear a helmet which must be properly fastened and the safety visor must be down. Under the helmet it is necessary to use a head sock for hygienic reasons. (available to purchase at the bar)
  10. It is forbidden to drive in over-sized clothing e.g.: big coats, shirts, scarves, long hair.
  11. It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  12. Watch out for the hot parts of the kart - we will not be liable for any damages in the event of damage to an item of clothing.
  13. In your own interest, put away keys, mobile phones, and other items that could fall out of your pocket during your drive.
  14. Getting into and out of karts happens exclusively in the depot areas and in the presence of the staff.
  15. Departure from and entry into the depot are controlled by the staff.
  16. It is forbidden to smoke and bring food or drink into the track and depot areas.
  17. When entering the depot, the driver is obliged to signal with a raised hand that they are turning into the depot at a slower pace.
  18. Observe the staff's instructions. Failure to observe driving conditions or staff instructions may lead to exclusion from driving without compensation.
  19. Entry to the track is strictly prohibited/.