Before the race

After you purchase your ticket at the bar, the staff member gathers the group of drivers and familiarises them with the basic safety rules and instructions that must be followed during racing on the track.

Before the start of each race, all the drivers will be registered with the timer software and each will be assigned a kart for qualifying and the first race.

Everyone checks the assigned kart number and the name of the driver on the timekeeping monitor or using the LCD screens by the track or in the café.


Before qualifying, all the drivers will be in the pits, the attendant helps them with the karts and releases them from the pits at approximately 3 second intervals.

The end of the qualification is clearly signalled by the waving of the chequered flag on the finish line.

After qualifying, the staff member stops the drivers in the waiting zone.

Qualifying debriefing

The best times from qualifying are recorded by the timing equipment to decide the start order for the race.

Ordering karts for the start

The staff member, (based on the results of qualifying) sends drivers out of the waiting zone behind the Safety Kart waiting at the start.

Start of the race

The first lap of each race is always led by the Safety Kart, which completes the first lap by returning to the pits. During the first lap overtaking is strictly forbidden.

The drivers race their karts.


Before the race, all the drivers are warned about following the instructions of staff members. If someone does not follow these instructions they will be excluded from the track including during the race without the right for money to be returned.

The race is completed by the waving of the chequered flag at the finish line.

After the race, the staff member stops the drivers in the waiting zone or, if it is the last race, they take them to the pits (red flag).